• All the gray dots are really pelicans. Margarita, Venezuela.

  • Day's end at Marigot Bay, Ste Lucia.

  • From Pic Paradis, St Martin. The island in the distance is St Barth.

  • Sunset at Simson Baai St Maarten.

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Welcome aboard for a Caribbean sailing vacation.

Come set sail for a vacation or honeymoon cruise to the West Indies, the Grenadines, or some other tropical island paradise.

Your private yacht is waiting, the crew is expecting you.  Once aboard this elegant, modern sailboat you quietly, romantically, cruise the Caribbean towards an island paradise. The sun is bright, temperature is 88 F, the turquoise sea is at 82 F, the drinks are cold and we can already spot a white sandy beach.

The choice is yours: sloop, ketch or catamaran.

Why Choose this area?

The eastern Caribbean in general is a great sailing area and the Grenadines in particular offer year round, a near ideal climate.  The Trade Winds can be counted on for propulsion and comfort.  They are a little stronger in December and January but still with us in July.  Within the archipelago the seas are protected.  The crystalline waters are warm.  Tropical fish abound over multicolored coral reefs. Natural white sandy beaches circle green islands. Can sailing get better than this ?

Will I enjoy this ?

Sailing with the Trade Winds, swimming and snorkeling in the clear, warm (82OF) Caribbean,  spending most of your days outdoor under sun and stars, watching the green flash as the sun sets in the ocean, is a back to nature paradise for many of us.  However some prefer seeing nature on a TV screen or through a window while seated in an air conditioned, artificial, controlled environment. This is not for them.  

Sailing experience is not necessary. 


Will it be crowded ?   

You will be the only passengers aboard this affordable private charter cruise sailing the beautiful Caribbean.

Is it expensive ? 

We strive to offer the best price/quality ratioBut please click on and see!

to discover our Grenadines cruises.


Your vacation Cruise.

We believe a successful vacation cruise must:

  • Begin with a spotlessly clean 
    and well maintained boat;  

  • Offer good quality meals, well prepared, 
    pleasantly served and varied; 

  • Be sailed by a competent, caring, good natured crew;  

  • Feature an itinerary planned to your preferences and 
    adapted to the conditions; 

  • Be affordably priced.

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